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If you are maneuvering through California’s complex legal system, you need a dedicated, knowledgeable advocate by your side to protect your rights and pursue the just disposition of your case. With almost 30 years of experience and a deep commitment to conflict resolution, Michael F. Brown stands by you through every step of the legal process.

Michael F. Brown can help you in cases involving:

A powerful litigator

Michael F. Brown appears in court almost every day. Through his daily appearances, he has earned a reputation as a dynamic, ethical, and successful trial attorney. In addition to his extensive legal knowledge, Michael F. Brown possesses a commanding courtroom presence. His powerful, articulate voice, which he has successfully employed in radio work and in commercials, along with his strong physical presence have combined to make Michael F. Brown a formidable adversary. As a former adjunct law professor, Michael F. Brown also engages his natural teaching abilities to educate and guide jurors and judges toward fair verdicts and decisions.

An effective negotiator

When it is in his clients’ best interest, Michael F. Brown mediates toward resolutions that provide more efficient, cost-effective results rather than taking the case to trial. Michael F. Brown is distinctively advantaged during the negotiating process because opposing counsel know that he is always willing and prepared to take all of his cases to trial. His diplomatic personality fosters an atmosphere of cooperation that benefits his clients at the mediation table and in the courtroom.

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